Capacitor Replacement in Woodland Hills

AC capacitor replacement Woodland Hills

Although the capacitor is one of the smallest and most inexpensive parts on an air conditioner or heat pump that can be warranted, when it goes down the consequences can be severe. If you have a failed capacitor, it is likely that your compressor or condenser fan motor will not start. This means that the system will completely lose its ability to cool or heat the home. This is no need to be discouraged. The technicians at Go Green HVAC Services of Woodland Hills will have your air conditioning system up and working quickly.

With a few simple tests, our certified technicians will be able to determine if the capacitor has failed and replace it with one from their fully-stocked service vehicle. A capacitor failure can often be prevented with an annual maintenance agreement. Because capacitors are exposed to the elements, they will corrode and fail. A capacitor with a high probability of failure can easily be spotted during the tune-up and replaced at a fraction of the cost if it were a demand service call in the middle of summer. Contact us today to find out more ways of avoiding air conditioning repairs in the future.

One of the reasons for having an air conditioning problem is a bad capacitor. If the capacitor can no longer aid in starting up your motors, then probably it’s time for you to replace it. An air conditioner with a faulty capacitor may struggle to draw more electric charge in order for its motors to run and this may cause an increase in your electrical bill. Sometimes, by inspection, you can see dark stains around the capacitor indicating that it is probably busted. Capacitor failure can bring you discomfort during your rest periods and sleep times. Many problems are prevalent during summer and most faults are attributed to defective capacitors.

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