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Purchasing air conditioning systems for your building can be overwhelming. Selecting the correct service for commercial HVAC installation in Woodland Hills or around the SFV can also feel like a massive task. No worries – you’ve got this! We appreciate that tenant comfort is important, and so is choosing a practical and efficient system that doesn’t break the bank. Understanding the types of commercial HVAC systems how they work, can make the decision easier for you and your team.

What Are the Different Types of Commercial HVAC Systems?

• Single Split systems
• Multi Split systems
• VRF or VRV systems

Single Split AC System

• Affordable and appropriate for most small commercial buildings.
• Popular for small offices, shops, server rooms, or restaurants.
• Allow for individual heating and cooling control.
• Likely includes an air conditioner, with control via a thermostat or control panel.

Multi Split AC System

Similar to single split, multi splits differ by allowing connection from multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit. It uses inverter technology which allows the compressor to operate at variable speeds. How a multi split air conditioner works? So, multi split systems sense when there are fluctuations in temperature changes, and makes corrections on its own. A multi split system has heat pumps that guide heat from warmer to cool areas saving money and energy. The multi-splits connect to multiple cooling systems to hook directly to a single exhaust unit. This reduces needed space, keeping your building’s exterior looking welcoming.

Generally speaking, a large amount of energy is consumed in a forced-air HVAC system each time the compressor turns off and on.

• Exterior building landscapes preserved with fewer outdoor units.
• Use both wall and ceiling mounted ac units, and an air curtain for over the entrance.
• Initial costs are a bit higher due to extra piping and venting, pays off down the road.

VRF or VRV System

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) u0026amp; VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) refer to same type of commercial HVAC system. Excellent choice for hotels, large offices, and retail.

• Meet larger heating and cooling requirements.
• Reliable, efficient, and easy to control.
• Quick Installation is convenient
• Heat recovery systems provide flexibility.

Commercial HVAC – Questions?

Go Green HVAC in Woodland Hills has a team of experienced contractors skilled at commercial HVAC installation and service for large and small scale commercial projects. We help you improve business operations, and keep employees and guests comfortable. We recommend scheduling a consultation in advance so we can provide you the attention necessary to understand your options. Call Today at 818-426-4447!

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